The handlebars designed for E-BIKES are made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and feature special surface treatment technology, providing excellent durability and corrosion resistance, thereby increasing the safety and stability of the ride. Some E-BIKE-specific handlebars can also have additional features, such as integrated electric connection wires, phone holders, lighting systems, and more. These features can increase the convenience and practicality of the ride, making it more comfortable and safe.
The handlebars produced by SAFORT not only provide comfortable grip but also stable control and operational performance, making the ride safer and easier. The size and shape of the handlebars have a significant impact on the comfort and control performance of the ride. SAFORT provides various handlebar sizes and shapes, allowing riders to choose according to their needs and preferences.
In addition, SAFORT’s handlebars also use the most advanced production technology, ensuring high precision and durability of the product. The use of high-quality materials in production improves the lifespan and quality of the handlebars. Our handlebars are a high-quality and diversified product that can meet the needs of different riders, providing a more comfortable and safe riding experience.

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  • AD-HB668
  • MATERIAL Alloy 6061 PG
  • WIDTH 700 mm
  • RISE 200 mm
  • BARBORE 31.8
  • BACKSWEEP / UPSWEEP10 ° / 5 °


  • MATERIALAlloy 6061 PG / 6061 DB
  • WIDTH620 ~ 690
  • RISE25 / 50 mm
  • BARBORE31.8 mm
  • BACKSWEEP18 °/ 38 °


  • MATERIALAlloy 6061 PG / 6061 DB
  • WIDTH675 ~ 780 mm
  • BARBORE31.8 / 35.0 mm
  • BACKSWEEP / UPSWEEP14 ° / 2 °


Q: What are the types of E-BIKE handlebars?

A: There are many types of E-BIKE handlebars, including flat bars, riser bars, drop bars, and U-bars. Each type of handlebar has a different riding style and purpose.


Q: How to choose the right E-BIKE handlebar for yourself?

A: When choosing an E-BIKE handlebar, you need to consider factors such as your riding style, height, and arm length. For example, flat bars are suitable for beginners and urban riding, while riser bars and drop bars are suitable for long-distance and high-speed riding.


Q: What is the impact of E-BIKE handlebar width on riding?

A: The width of the E-BIKE handlebar affects the stability and comfort of riding. Narrower handlebars are suitable for urban riding and technical sections, while wider handlebars are suitable for long-distance and high-speed riding.


Q: How to adjust the height and angle of the E-BIKE handlebar?

A: The height and angle of the E-BIKE handlebar can be adjusted by adjusting the fork tube, handlebar stem, and handlebar bolt. The height and angle of the handlebar should be adjusted according to your riding style and comfort.